Bogotá Soul Club-9
Girl groups 5

1. How it all began- Ronnie Wallis
2. Then he kissed me-Crystals
3. Hop, skip & jump- The Opals
4. Boy trouble-The rev-lons
5. Miracle Marker- Shona and the party lights
6. Charlie wassn´t there-Barbara Evans
7. Ain´t gonna be no twistin´- The Willis sisters
8. Come on and dance-Maureen Gray
9. What makes lo9ve-The blossoms
10. The kind of boy you can´t forget- The Jelly beans
11. One more tear-The raindrops
12. You can´t stop loving me-The pussycats
13. Masma here comes the bride-The Shirelles
14. I´m comming home-Judy Clay
15. Deeper- Sandy Borden
16. You got tol ove-The Sa-shays
17. Should i give my love tonight-The Wooden nickels
18. Can´t get enough of you beby-The toys
19. 96 tears-Big Mybelle
20. Viva la Venezuela-The Patti Cakes
21. Bubble Gummer-The teardrops
22. Do the Del Viking-Patrice Holloway
23. The Lollipops-Busy signal
24. Second best- The cannon sisters
25. I wonder- The Butterflys
26. It´easier to cry-The Shangri-Las
27. I´m gonna get you yet-The Dixie cups


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