1-The monkeys uncle-Annette & the beach boys
2-Muscle Buscle- Donna Loren
3-Run around lover-Sharon Marie
4-Surf Bunny beach-The surf Bunnies
5-Surfin´Hootnanny-Al Casey
6-You´re so good to me-Debra Swisher
7-I´m in love with the drummer man-Jesse Sailes
8-The surfer girls-Draggin´Wagon
9-Yum Yum Yamaha-Carol Connors and the cycles
10-Surfin´ back to school-The fashions
11-Let´s go swimming- The buttercups
12-Surfin´- Orlons
13-Surfer Street-The Allisons
14-Guitars, guitars, guitars- Al casey with the K-C ettes
15-Hully Gully guitar- The Percells
16-Big daddy- The Pagents
17-Summertime- Sharon Marie
18-The Ronettes- I can hear music
19-Surfer boy blue-Donna Lewis
20-Surfer memories- The Fashions


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