BSC- 20
R & B vol. 3

1-The Viceroys-Uncle Sam needs you
2- Jimmy Norman-What´s the Word? Do the bird
3-The Rays-Louie Hoo Hoo
4-Bobby Marchan-Chickee wah wah
5-Huey Smith-Rocking pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu
6-The olympics-Shimmy like Kate
7-Zip & the Zippers-Gig
8-Spinners-Heebie Jeebie´s
9-The Ideals- The Gorilla
10-Sonny Patterson-Troubles
11-Tommy Tucker-chewin´gum
12-Bobby Powell-I´m gonna leave you
13-King Charles-Salt ´n´ pepper
14-Mo and Jo-The yo, yo, song
15-Hank Ballard-The float
16-The Rivingtons-Kickapoo joy juice
17-Olympics-The bounce
18-The Coasters-Wake me, shake me
19-Jimmy Norman-I don´t love you no more
20-Rufus Thomas-Walking the dog
21-Hank Ballard-keep on dancing


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