Bogotá Soul Club 2
Hootchy Coochy Girls

By Sergio Iglesias

1- The Teen Queens Betty and Rosie-Politician-
2-Linda Carr and the impossibles-The Garbage Man
3-The Shondells-I Gotta Tell it
4-The Fran-cettes . Late in the evening
5-Patty Saturday-Ladies Choice
6-The Blossoms-I´ll wait
7-The Bobbettes-Com-a Com-a
8-The Bobbettes- Have Mercy Lady
9-The Bobbetes- I shot Mr. Lee
10-Gladys Kane-Mr. Police man
11-Joy Dawn-Hang it up
12-Marie Williams-Cat scratching
13-Gems (Billy Davis)-Let your hair down
15-Gloria Scoot and the tonettes-I taught him
16-Little Alice-Wht if i can´t cook
17-The Peppermints-peppermint jerk
18-The Tiaras-You told me
19-The Cherries and the rhythm kings-You know you gonna need me
20-Dance every dance-The Rouzan sisters
21-The Bobbettes-Dance with me georgie
22-Connie Francis-Come on Jerry
22-The Cherries-Make my life wotrh living


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