Monster oldies

1-The theme from the house of shok
2-Zombi- The Monotones
3-Voo doo Dolly-Jimmy hombs
4-Frankenstein´s Den-Hollywood flames
5-Frankenstein Stomp-Count Lorry and the Biters
6-Johnny fever-Zombie
7-The Ghoul in school-The Fortunes
8-Monster party-Bill- Doggett
9-Haunted house-Cris Kevin
10-Big foot-Googie rene
11-i want to bite your hand-Gene Moss
12-Gwendolyn and the werewolf
13-The crow- Jerry & the upbeats
14-The monster swim-Bobby pickett
15-Walking through a cementery-Claudine Clark
16-My girl Friend is a witch-october Country
17-The witch-Stud Cole
18-Dinner with Crac part 1- sheldon land
19-Scientific experiment by Morgus the Magnigicent-Morgus the Magnificent
20-I want my baby back-Jimmy Cross
21-The Blob-The five blobs
22-Gun totin critter called Jack-Dallas Frasier
23-The purple people eater meets the witch doctor-JP Richardson-R Johnson
24-Big bad Wolf-The Sham-ettes


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