BSC – 13
R & B 2

1-Girls, girls, girls-The Coasters
2-Fever- Little Willie John
3-The Cleopatra- Phi Flowers
4-Lovey dovey-The Coasters
5-I´m just the postman-Thew day birds
6-Louie-louie- Richard Berry
7-Harvey-Any way you wanta
8-Big boy Pete- The Olympics
9-Can you Waddle?-The Spartans
10-Foot stomping-The Flares
11-Down at the beach-The Pentagons
12-Cigarette-The Visions
13-We like birdland-Huey piano Smith
14-Chicken necks- Don & juan
15-The Johnnyt Otis-Show
16-Te Ni-nee-Ni-Un-Slim Harpo
17-OO-Ma_Liddi-J.J Jackson
18-Swing-The Falcons & band
19-Crazy love-Buddy Guy
20-Keep on dancing-Hank Ballard
21-Hot pants Girls-Bill Spiller
22-Hey bartender-Floyd Dixon


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