Bogotá Soul Club 1
Soul Grils
By: Sergio iglesias


1-Yolanda and the Chairmanes – Hootchy coochy girl
2-Yvonne Carrol – A little bit of soap
3-The Portraits – Three blind mice
4-The Martinels – I don’t care
5-Brenda Lee – Save all your lovin for me
6-Little Lisa – Puppet on a string
7-Lori Rudolph – Don’t let them tell me
8-Cordia Allen – Copy cat shadow
9-The Eskerettes – Southern Style
10-Gloria Garcia – No puedes extranar
11-Yolanda and the Chairmanes – There oughta be a law
12-Dionne Warwick – You can have him
13-The Exciters – I want you to be my boy
14-The Lullabyes – You touch me
15-Claudine Clark – Foxy
16-The Lovejoys – He aint no angel
17-Barbara and Brenda – Lets get together
18-April Young – Gonna make him my baby
19-The Rag Dolls – Dusty
20-Hollywood Jills – A good thing baby


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